zondag 30 december 2012


When taking a summary glance at Warhammer the Mass-Combat Fantasy Roleplaying Game, we find a box with 3 booklets featuring great cover art and illustrations and type-writer stencilled text with a very amateurish lay-out.
The rules are presented step-by-step, booklet 1 giving rules for movement, ranged attack, close combat, psychology, morale, creatures and underground fighting. Towards the back of the book is the first warhammer scenario, “the Ziggurat of Doom” pitting six Dwarf Heroes against a horde of Goblins.
Booklet 2 details magic, wizards and magic items and booklet 3 gives a rather bare-bones set of guidelines for using the rules of the other two booklets as a roleplaying game.

Aside from the covers and the illustrations, WMCFRPG is not much to look at. It's in many ways the inverse of another 1st edition RPG (OD&D) when it comes to production quality: where OD&D had production quality text and amateurish illustrations (5th grader sketchbook quality), WMCRPG has draft-work style text and relatively high quality illustrations!

There is a general sense of incompleteness to the work. The combat rules are the most complete among the 3 booklets, detailing enough to fight a battle with fantasy miniatures, while the other two are more rough drafts giving a sneak peak to what forthcoming publications might present.

Over the next few posts I will take a more detailed look at each of the 3 core booklets, the Forces of Fantasy books, the 1st and 2nd citadel compendiums (as far as Warhammer rules go) and a few other 1st edition publications I came across on the “Eldar Webway” (the internets that is).

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  1. This looks to be a very interesting blog. Its concerning something that I have thought of doing one day - gaming with first edition Warhammer - as it was a very different beast to any other. Remember that this edition of the game was originally intended as a free giveaway with mail order which might explain the low production values .

    Would it be possible for you to add the followers option so I can get updates everything you update. Your project looks very interesting and would like to do a blog post about it on Realm of Chaos 80s sometime in the future.



    1. Thanks Orlygg, I'll see what I can do. I really like your blog too.