maandag 3 juni 2013

Long time no blog

Hi guys!

It's been a while since I blogged, for real life got in the way for a bit (or, rather, took it's rightful place in my schedule!). I have reacquired an interest in RPG-reading again recently and I'm planning to come up with a few things:

1. A roleplaying game variant of the WFB2/3 rules. i.e. same stats, same phases, same resulotion mechanics, but with character creation, a class and experience system and price list. supposed to be short and rules-light. a hybrid of Warhammer Quest, Advanced Hero Quest, WFB 1st edition, WH40K:RT and WFB 3d edition

2. a smallish campaign-setting in some dung-age borderlands region (15x15 squares on 1cm gridpaper, 1 square is 10 miles/km) which should be slightly gonzo by the inclusion of Amazon-guarded ruins of the Old-Slann where some 40K gear can be obtained... and a (if I get it right) simple mechanic to have some dynamic elements in the region in the form of roving Chaos Champions (using realms of chaos).

3. Get some mates together to play adventurehammer (still not done that, talked about it though).

One thing that always kept me from finishing my WQAHQWFB40KRT hybrid was that I just couldn't come up with an effective random character generation system and was unsure about skills and special abilities. You know, if I'd just keep to the simplistic rules of WH40K:RT it could all be fun at first, but start to become stale by the 5th or so session, where characters have advanced to champion level, and psychic/magic aside there is little to diversify races/warriors. I also wanted to step away from the "humans of different flavours and sizes" that are the WHFB humanoids. Elves and Dwarves should be alien (Middenmurk has some very cool idea's on this, though D&D based), especially the Elves, and guess what, there are a few things in 3d edition WFB that can make elves more like the mythical folkloristic spirit beings they are inspired on: shapechangers, inflicters of pain and disease, etc. etc.
My plan is for humans to be rather mundane, with a very small chance of knowing actual magic, but having access to trainable skills, knowledge (alchemy) and abilities, and maybe some religious quirks/rites/madness/depravities  while elves and dwarves have the options of supernatural or plainly weird powers and abilities. Some based on spells or magic item properties, others being "trainable" or slightly natural.

then again, I hope I find the time between recording an album, getting a new job and learning how to drive a car :P

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